The Case for a New America continues…

Official portrait of United States Secretary o...

Official portrait of United States Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner Español: Retrato oficial de Secretario del Tesoro de los Estados Unidos Timothy Geithner (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s been over 2 years since I published “The Case for a New America”. In it, I offer up a lot of startling numbers that I’ve re-visited to see how things have progressed. Since publishing it, my passion for the topic has diminished. For those who know what is going on, there’s little left to do but sit back and watch at this point. Those who’ve read and reviewed my book ask for more, more, more. This requires a lot of time and research I’m not prepared to do any longer. I’ll point out some interesting bits though, which don’t require TOO much of my time. 🙂  Also, I apologize for assaulting you with Timmy Geithner’s forehead and tax-evading grin (“Yes, I got away with it suckas!  Now let me run the country’s finances!  Boooyaaa!”)  Actually, he said something along the lines of “Welcome to the Recovery” in a 2009 NYT article.  Gee, thanks for inviting us Timmy!

People on Food Stamps
June 2010: 42 million
Jan 2013: 48 million (

National Debt
June 2010: $13.1 trillion
Jan 2013: $16.4 trillion

Related News: Treasury Secretry Timothy Geithner “raids” government pension funds to prevent debt ceiling breach:

Fed Monetizing debt at a rate of $85/billion per month:


April 2010: 64.7% in labor force
Jan 2013: 63.6% (lowest ever)

The official unemployment rate stands at 7.7%, but this is because a record number of people have dropped entirely out of the labor force and are no longer collecting unemployment. These people are not “counted” in the official numbers.

The number of people not working at all stands at 88 million:

Disability Insurance

I didn’t account for this statistic in my book, but has made a startling discovery. Since June 2009, 4.7 million were added to SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance). In contrast, only 2.3 million people found jobs. Coincidence, or just a stretch of bad luck that more people are becoming seriously disabled than those capable of finding jobs?


For December, 2012, the BLS said inflation stood at 0%. This would mean nothing has increased in price. The problem is, these numbers “exclude food and energy”. Odd that they would exclude the very two things the average person relies on every day to live. Food, specifically, has risen by 1.8% over the past year. If we broke down the “food” category, I’m sure you could name off the top of your head which items you buy that are more expensive. At my local grocer, a pound of bacon is nearly $8/pound. I never purchase cereal at retail, which is nearly $5 for anywhere between 8-12 ounces. Let’s look at some of the ingenious tactics companies are using to fight inflation:

Watered down beer:

Mixing cheap coffee with expensive coffee:

Of course, there is the time honored tradition of products reducing the quantity of their product, while retaining the size of the old and raising prices. Chip companies are notorious for that, as we are still purchasing the same sized bag as we were 20 years ago, but receiving half than what we used to get and paying twice as much. How does a company fight inflation? They give you less for the same price, or more. Otherwise, you would actually realize prices are rising. Instead, you still see the same price tag but have no idea you’re getting less than you were before.

Oh I can go on and on, but then I might as well write another book about it. At this point, I think most people understand what’s really going on and can see through the government BS.  Or so I hope, anyway.


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  1. Emma

    Thanks for updating us! If thanks is even the right word in the face of such grim facts. Most of us don’t want to take the time to follow the state of the country, or even really care for that matter, as long as we have our big screen’s, reliable transportation, gas to get us from Point A to Point B and food on the table. Yes, I do mean to say thanks. Thanks for taking the time to eliighten us because information such as this enables us to make wiser decisions in our daily lives and for the future.

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