Goodreads and ABNA: An interesting March!

These books are #1 sellers in my living room (hey we gotta start somewhere!).  My Goodreads Giveaway ends on March 2nd (I extended so I could get the books on time to ship out, and in return I have nearly 700 people signed up for the contest).  Goodreads picks the 15 winners and will e-mail me their names and addresses, and I get to send them one of these bad boys.  I just have to figure out if I want to add anything to the book…a handwritten note, a bribe for a positive review, fine white powder (to playfully scare them into calling 911…ok, maybe not that one…wait, don’t they say even negative press is good press? Hmm…jail time not so good though).

With all the focus on ebooks20130228_105942 these days, there’s something to be said about getting a physical book in your hands.  Of all the thousands of downloads both of my books have received (through free promos, sales, and borrows), I’ve only received a total of 9 reviews between them both.  Let’s face it, everyone’s Kindle is overflowing with books.  They may get to reading mine in a few years!  A physical book in the mail though?  Much more likely to at least crack it open and give it a shot, even if they end up using it as kindling for their fire.  Sure, it costs a bit of money, but despite the ability to publish for “free”, this business costs money, and we need to invest a minimum amount to give ourselves a fair chance against all the other quality books.  Book covers, editing, promotions, Giveaways, etc.

On March 12th, the 2nd round cuts are announced for the ABNA contest.  Everyone that made the first cut will receive 2 short reviews on why your book did, or didn’t, make it to the 3rd round.  I’ll post whatever they say, even if they’re negative.  Then I’ll rip into them.  Who are YOU, anyway, anonymous person?!  Stay tuned!!



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