Obama’s “transparent” government

English: President looks at a genealogy chart ...

The Good ‘ol Boys planning their next diabolical move.

Democrats, it seems, are finding it far easier to do all sorts of heinous shit and get away with it than their Bush-era Republican counterparts.  The laundry list of deceptive and malicious actions by the Obama administration would have the White House burning if a Republican president were in office.  Not to say that Bush didn’t deserve any of the scorn heaped on him and his administration, as they did, but Obama and his inner circle have taken a cue from Bush’s policies and injected them with steroids, while repeatedly denying every and any accusation thrown their way.  Let’s review.

BP Oil Spill:  In 2010, the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the gulf of Mexico exploded and ripped open a gushing oil well at the bottom of the ocean for nearly 3 months.  210 million gallons of oil spread into the ocean, the 2nd worst oil spill in history.  To compare, the Exxon Valdez released a total of 32 million gallons in 1989 and the affects in Alaska are still felt today.  To assuage public fear, Obama essentially handed control over to BP in terms of containing the spill and assisted them in covering up the damage.  The press were restricted and blocked from most areas, and US soldiers acted on behalf of BP to turn away cameras and the press in sensitive locations (particularly, where massive loss of animal life were detected).  At night, BP cleaned up beaches with hired crew.  BP dispersed a chemical called “Corexit” which attached to the oil and sank it from the surface of the ocean.  Planes ran day and night spraying it over the water, and it was applied directly at the point of release at the bottom of the ocean.

Corexit has been determined to have worse health effects on humans and sea-life than the oil itself, both of which still exist in the ocean in immeasurable amounts and is affecting the ecosystem (note to anyone eating seafood…make sure it didn’t come out of the Gulf of Mexico before you eat it).  Apparently, mutated shrimp and sea life with oozing lesions are still FDA-approved.  As we have learned about the Obama administration, he is adept at covering up anything that may paint him or the economy in a poor light.  If we don’t see the oil, then, it must magically be gone and we have nothing to worry about anymore.  When was the last time you heard about the after-effects of the BP oil spill?  You haven’t, unless you’ve specifically searched for it.  Do yourself a favor and read up on it, the truth is out there (start with my links!).

Benghazi:  A terrorist attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya on Sept. 11th, 2012 killed 4 Americans including the US Ambassador there, Christopher Stephens.  Obama’s administration, in an election year, did everything they could to cover up his administrations knowledge of the impending attack and the lax security which allowed the attack to happen.  Hillary Clinton famously yelled at a hearing, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”, when referring to the White House’s initial claim that a Youtube video was responsible for fomenting Islamic anger, which was their explanation as to why they attacked the consulate in the first place.  Come to find out, Obama’s administration purposely covered up the real reasons long enough to get through an election year.

Fast & Furious:  Not the movie, but the drug cartel weapons scandal involving the Attorney General, Eric Holder.  This was an operation that purposely allowed licensed guns to be purchased by drug cartel’s, with the purpose of tracking them and arresting higher level cartel members.  Unfortunately for Obama, Eric Holder, and the hundreds of dead people at the hands of these guns (including Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry), this insane idea didn’t work and no cartel leaders have been arrested.  Eric Holder, naturally, denied knowing anything about this program which was later refuted.  Holder has since been held in criminal contempt of court due to obstructing the release of documents involved in a subpoena.  Holder’s good friend Obama also stepped in to invoke executive privilege in withholding these documents from the court.  Transparent government?  Indeed.

IRS Political Targeting:  Very recently, the IRS has come under major fire for purposely auditing and harassing specific groups of people, particularly those organizations associated with the Tea Party, or any group that is basically anti-government (or anti-big government…ie, any Republican organization).  The US government using the IRS as an arm to attack its political enemies?  No, not in the US you say!  This is the same IRS that, combined with other government agencies, has recently purchased nearly 1 billion rounds of hollow-point bullets (Just in case you don’t pay your taxes, I guess).  The same IRS that will be enforcing the “fee” Americans have to pay if they don’t join Obamacare later this year.  I’d hate to be associated with the Tea Party if I was looking to get a kidney transplant next year…I may just “accidentally” get skipped over on the waiting list.  Oh, and I’m sure Obama and his administration were never aware this targeting was going on.

Obama’s Secret “Kill List”:  Taking a cue from his best friend and role model, President George W. Bush, Obama has created a “kill list” of suspects that he alone decides on whether to attack or capture.  There is a fine line between war and innocence, and Obama has decided to be the one to draw that line and kill whomever he pleases.  Of course, this “list” is highly vetted so he absolutely knows the target must be killed or captured for having done something wrong, or has the potential to do something wrong such as the American teenage son of a suspected terrorist who was killed for “guilty by association”.  Oops!  Certainly he was plotting something, or would, someday…somehow…maybe?  Bush’s Pre-Emptive strike policy taken to an entirely new level.

Department of Justice violating 1st Amendment:  The newest scandal?  The DoJ just got busted for unlawfully monitoring editors of the Associated Press.  That’s Obama’s transparent government for you, secretly confiscating the phone records of a major media group.  This is yet another violation of the Constitution.  Remember that thing?  AP and other news organizations, who often rely on confidential sources, will surely be passing paper notes to each other from now on instead of using any phone or electronic form of communication out of worry that someone in the government is watching them.  Make sure you don’t report on anything too controversial, the DHS is watching you!

I wrote The Case for a New America in early 2010.  It’s exhausting work tracking and collecting the long list of abuses, corruption, and outright illegality at the hands of the government.  I’ve tried to stay away from it since then, because it’s really just the same shit, different day.  Nobody goes to jail, and nothing changes.  They just learn how better to subvert and hide the truth from the public.  But, just when my jadedness seems to settle in, new levels of abuses seem to arise that get me pissed off again.  Is this really the America we’ve come to accept as normal?  Maybe I just need to stop reading the news like everyone else and watch Duck Dynasty.  Quack!


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