Why the government lies…

In sworn testimony (this is where you testify to tell the truth under oath), FBI Director Sean Joyce has been revealed to have lied under his oath in the defense of the recently leaked NSA’s global surveillance program.  ABC News, using public court documents, contradict Joyce’s claim regarding a specific terrorism-related case which the FBI Director testified was prevented due to the NSA’s (hopefully soon-to-be-illegal) surveillance program.  His testimony was meant to paint a dramatic picture for Americans by making them feel safer by being in the hands of the all-seeing, all-knowing NSA, the only problem with that, is he lied.  He will also escape perjury charges and probably impeachment, which is why the government continues to run this country in secrecy and when confronted, never, ever, tell the actual truth, even under sworn oath.

Official portrait of Director of National Inte...


When an official is caught in a lie, they are defended later by saying they “misspoke”, or in Director of National Intelligence James Clapper’s case, it’s just a “complicated” matter due to national security.  Clapper said, under oath, that we’re not spying on any Americans.  Then we have this Edward Snowden guy come out with classified documents about an NSA program called PRISM that is spying on the world, with over 3 million Americans targeted, that make Clapper’s testimony a lie.  But, it’s complicated.

UPDATE! (7/2/13):  James Clapper “apologizes” for “erroneous” answer about the NSA spying on Americans.  Only after, of course, being caught lying under oath about it.  This is America, ladies and gentleman.  The land of the liars and thieves.  Give James Clapper a raise and a promotion, please!  Actually, I’ll tell you exactly what happens next…Clapper resigns, then goes to work as a consultant for Goldman Sachs making a 7 figure salary.

UPDATE #2: (8/19/13):  Recently, The Washington Post revealed that an internal audit of the NSA showed that there were nearly 3,000 violations of their own protocols to prevent spying on American citizens (they even tried covering up these violations!).  Basically, the violations means someone spied on Americans.  Oops, I hit the wrong digit and captured all of the electronic info in the DC area and can now access it.  Just an accident, though, rest assured nobody will look at the information.  Trust us, we’re the government.  Also, two recent events occurred that are notable:  the partner of Glenn Greenwald, the journalist who broke Edward Snowden’s NSA documents to the public, was detained for 9 hours in Brazil by UK authorities.  The computer that contained Edward Snowden’s secret NSA documents was physically destroyed in the basement of the Guardian’s newspaper by UK authorities under threat of legal action.  In response, Glenn is doubling-down on his exposure of government secrets.  Good for you Glenn, and good for all of us.  Physical threats and intimidation of its own citizens are not hallmarks of a sane government.  In this case, Glenn is not only exposing the government’s illegal spying activities, but exposing their Brown-shirted attempts at preventing Glenn from revealing further info.  The best part is at the end of the Yahoo! article, where not only Obama is caught in a blatant lie, but Whitehouse spokesman Josh Earnest continues to stand by that lie in the face of indisputable facts:

Last week, The Washington Post reported on an audit showing such data has been improperly viewed thousands of times, despite assurances by the president himself that American citizens need not worry.

Still, Earnest stood by President Barack Obama’s assertion that Americans are not being spied on.

The Obama administration, and the government that exists (with or without him), has lost what little credibility it had left.  Nothing that comes from Obama or government officials should ever be trusted.  This may be a running joke for some, as the government has never been the most truthful organization in the world, but the lies are now covering up for constitutional violations…the very document that is the foundation of this Republic.  Men and women of the armed forces swear an oath to “defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic”.  What does this mean?  That means anyone who threatens the constitution, even if they are US citizens.  That’s how important our Constitutional rights are.

Yet, people like Clapper, Joyce, and even our own Attorney General Eric Holder choose to undermine them.  Specifically, Obama’s administration remains supportive of a program that violates the Constitution and has purposely spied on members of the Associated Press and Fox News.  I’m sure it was to go after “terrorists” (which, by the way, you have a better chance of winning the lotto than being killed in a terrorist attack).  In the process, the news media has been spooked.  What else are they spying on, and what is the real reason?

Without Americans coming to the defense of our Constitution, we will enter a new era of this country, where we live in fear of the government and what it could do to us.  You’ll be afraid of what you say and what you type, where you go and what someone at the NSA may feel about your travel habits, where one day you wake up and find that all of your finances are frozen and your employer has fired you for being under investigation for terrorism-related activities…simply because you said some things on Facebook that “red flagged” you in the NSA’s PRISM database, and by some six degrees of separation, are possibly connected with another possible “terrorist”.  Then you are assaulted and killed at home by the FBI, who the media reports you as being investigated for possible terrorism-related charges.  Later that night, when everyone turns on the TV and hears about another potential terrorist being killed, they cheer our government’s ability to protect us from you.


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