Klondike Mini-Series on Discovery Channel

I’ve been a big fan of Discovery’s “Gold Rush” series, especially since it’s related to the story of Dustland.  While it’s a modern day tale of gold mining, it still holds the same allure that attracted so many tens of thousands of Argonauts to California and Alaska.  Even with modern day equipment, the search and extraction of gold is a long and difficult process that guarantees nothing.  Yet that pull for riches and the taste that it’s right there, keeps would-be miners desperately seeking the precious metal.

Discovery seems to have a fetish for all things gold these days.  They have other reality TV shows about the quest for gold in “Bering Sea Gold” and the documentary directly related to the time period in Dustland, “Gold Fever”, which revolves around those early days of the gold rush in 1849.

I watched a bit of the first episode of Klondike tonight and was enjoying it, and actually found some early similarities to Dustland.  I’m recording the series and will see how the entire mini-series holds up.

Anyone watching?  What do you think so far?


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