My recent Q&A with Edward Lake

I recently did a short Q&A with Edward Lake, author of the Mamluk’s series.  Check it out ya’ll!!

EL: As it pertains to your readers, what do you hope to accomplish as an author?

THS: I want to entertain firstly, but I also want to convey important messages that may not be the usual expectation for a reader.  In A Cold Black Wave, faith and reality clash.  What is the purpose of living when you are the last ones alive?  In Dustland, vengeance leaves no room for “good” guys (or ladies).  For me, it’s not enough to create an interesting story.  There has to be a greater meaning to it all, even if that means not fulfilling the typical expectations in that genre.  If you want formulaic, don’t read my stuff!


To read the full interview, head on over here.




  1. Maddie Cochere

    Read the entire interview; very nice.

    I’m back into the swing of writing, so I don’t have too much time for reading right now, but I’m up to Chapter 7 in your book. It’s been ages since I’ve read a “western,” and I’m enjoying it!

    • Tim Scott

      I know how it is! I appreciate that you’ve taken the time to read it, especially when you could be doing a million other things (like writing!). I’m one of the last few who hasn’t read Laura Hillenbrand’s “Unbroken”, and as much as I love reading it, that’s time spent not writing. So, thanks again! 🙂

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