Writing (When you don’t want to).

One of the worst traits of a writer is to not write.  Not writing is easy.  Know what else is easy?  Finding anything else to do other than writing. When you don’t want to write, suddenly everything else becomes a lot more fun.  Eating.  Facebook.  Staring at a dot on your screen.  All far more entertaining than writing that next word.

In fact I’m kinda writing this post because I wrote a bit tonight, but now I don’t want to.  So take that, unfinished manuscript!  I don’t need you, I got my blog!

My first book was difficult because it was my first book.  All sorts of crazy stuff goes on with your first book.  Like a drunken nightmare.

As I work on the sequel to A Cold Black Wave, I’ve found it the most challenging yet.  Even more challenging than writing a 324 page historical fiction novel.  I’m actually reflecting back on Dustland with reverential glee compared to writing this sequel.  Why?

ACBW 2 was never planned.  I had a lot of background info and ideas from writing ACBW, but I never thought I would write a sequel until people asked for it.  For the first time in my life, I’m writing something that wasn’t really my idea.  Part of the joy of writing a new book is that amazing idea you have.  That unique “gotta tell this story” feeling that lights a fire under you every time you sit down.  No, even then it isn’t easy, but you can always lean on what originally inspired you.

I believe Nora Roberts said, “You can’t edit a blank page”.


But this doesn’t necessarily mean you always need to write IN your manuscript.  As a “pantser” who writes without outlining, working on this sequel has forced me to write ideas out and…gasp…outline.  I’m writing, but not writing.  Yet its these particular challenges that develops us further.  Write, but write with purpose, even if you’re not quite yet sure what that is.  Have faith in yourself, because as writers we’re our worst enemy.

How many of you have been faced with writers block?  Have you found some books of yours easier to write, and why?  How many Oreo’s have you consumed in one sitting to keep your hands busy instead of writing?



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