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Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award – Made the first cut!


Amazon runs this yearly contest, henceforth called “ABNA”, that draws in 10,000 books to compete for a grand prize of $50k and a contract with Amazon Publishing.  It’s a fantastic opportunity for indie authors.  There’s a lot of books to choose from these days, particularly in the indie scene, and sometimes even great books can get lost in the shuffle.  Any opportunity for an indie to get their book a chance to be seen, read, and hopefully rewarded for their effort is worth trying for.

The first round cut was announced today, and I’m happy to say I made it in!  8,000 books did not make the first-round cut.  The remaining 2,000 is spread evenly between the five genres.  On March 12th, these 2k books will be cut down to 500 (100 in each genre).  At this point, Publisher’s Weekly reviews the manuscript of all 500 books.  On April 16th, only 25 books will remain and Amazon Publishing Editors will conduct their review.  On May 21st, only 5 books are left and are voted on.  Top prize gets the $50k advance and a publishing contract, and the remaining 4 finalists get a $15k advance and publishing contract.  What better opportunity could we ask for?

The first round judging was based on the “pitch”.  This is a more detailed book summary that you would typically see on the back cover, and for me and many others, probably the most difficult.  This is a very short opportunity to draw the interest of a potential reader.  If it’s not written well, you end up one of the 8,000 people who get cut.  It was the first time I wrote one so I wasn’t sure how I stacked up to the rest of the competition, but I must of done sumthin’ right!  I’ll post an update on March 12th on whether I make the final 500 or not.