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Dustland in Paperback!

I just received the first proof of Dustland, and it came out awesome!  There’s a few minor things I’m going to tweak, but overall I’m seriously impressed.  If anyone is interested in a free copy in return for an “honest and unbiased” review to post on Amazon and/or Goodreads (or anywhere else you like) please let me know.  I’ll be more than happy to send you a copy!  As I’ve learned with A Cold Black Wave, honest and numerous reviews definitely make an impact on exposure and sales so I’d be glad to shuttle this out to ya’ll for them.  Thanks for stoppin by!

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Klondike Mini-Series on Discovery Channel

I’ve been a big fan of Discovery’s “Gold Rush” series, especially since it’s related to the story of Dustland.  While it’s a modern day tale of gold mining, it still holds the same allure that attracted so many tens of thousands of Argonauts to California and Alaska.  Even with modern day equipment, the search and extraction of gold is a long and difficult process that guarantees nothing.  Yet that pull for riches and the taste that it’s right there, keeps would-be miners desperately seeking the precious metal.

Discovery seems to have a fetish for all things gold these days.  They have other reality TV shows about the quest for gold in “Bering Sea Gold” and the documentary directly related to the time period in Dustland, “Gold Fever”, which revolves around those early days of the gold rush in 1849.

I watched a bit of the first episode of Klondike tonight and was enjoying it, and actually found some early similarities to Dustland.  I’m recording the series and will see how the entire mini-series holds up.

Anyone watching?  What do you think so far?

My recent Q&A with Edward Lake

I recently did a short Q&A with Edward Lake, author of the Mamluk’s series.  Check it out ya’ll!!

EL: As it pertains to your readers, what do you hope to accomplish as an author?

THS: I want to entertain firstly, but I also want to convey important messages that may not be the usual expectation for a reader.  In A Cold Black Wave, faith and reality clash.  What is the purpose of living when you are the last ones alive?  In Dustland, vengeance leaves no room for “good” guys (or ladies).  For me, it’s not enough to create an interesting story.  There has to be a greater meaning to it all, even if that means not fulfilling the typical expectations in that genre.  If you want formulaic, don’t read my stuff!


To read the full interview, head on over here.


Dustland is OUT!

Slavery!  Murder!  Vengeance!  Greed!  Follow Samantha and Judy Stanton from their plantation in Georgia to the pestilential gold mines of California in their quest to bring their father’s murderer to justice.  It’s 1849, and the US is on the verge of Civil War over the newly acquired territories from Mexico.  Tens of thousands flock to California in search for gold, but many will only find poverty and death.  Sam and Judy are forced into a struggle for survival against the unforgiving elements and the lawlessness of the territories, while their target, William Christenson, cuts out a brutal mining operation in California on the scarred backs of slaves and unchecked avarice.

The sisters learn the hard way what it takes to survive on their own, and to bring William to justice, they must face an evil so heinous a nation is willing to go to war to stop it.

Kindle Version available here:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HLY0986

There’s a small issue with the Look Inside feature with the font size, but it doesn’t affect the downloaded book.

Thank you, and enjoy!  🙂