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The Shakeology and T25 Experiment Part II

I said drink yo Shakeology!  Drink it!!!

I said drink yo Shakeology! Drink it!!!

Ending Week 7 of Focus T25 and about the 2nd month of using Shakeology.  For the Part I article about my experiment, click on over here.    I can easily say I’m in the best shape of my life, and attained within a very short period of time.  I ran through the flooding rain today getting to my truck and I felt like a Cheetah, except way faster and more nimble.  Okay maybe it wasn’t quite like that, but the fact is, this little experiment is working.  I’m trying not to proselytize too much just yet, but if anyone asks, I pretty much turn into a wide-eyed Billy Blanks as I talk about how awesome Shakeology and Focus T25 is.

That’s Billy Blanks on the right.  He really has nothing to do with Shakeology or T25, but if he were into it, this is how intense he’d be.

The Beta stage of T25 is where they starting hammering your core and upper body.  Alpha gets your lower body and cardio out of the way and set you up for Beta.  I started adding whey protein shakes for after-workout drinks to make sure I’m getting up to 150g/day.  With all the pushups and weights, you can definitely start adding strength at this stage.

I’m not quite to the point of posting any pictures yet.  Close.  But not yet.  I think it’ll be best to wait until Week 10 is officially in the books before I do a real before and after comparison.

I have a full 3 weeks to go.  As much as I’d like to just go to sleep right now, at 10:30pm at night, I’m about to do a back to back workout because that’s what Cheetah’s do.  I’m already looking forward to starting P90x3.  For anyone who has used T25 and P90x3, how different are they?  Should I skip the Gamma DVD’s of T25 and go straight to P90x3?

Also, feel free to head on over here if you’re interested in getting started with Shakeology or T25.

The Shakeology and T25 Experiment

Haven’t heard of Shakeology?  It’s a shake of ology, or something.  It sure sounds sciency.  It follows in a long line of meal replacements such as Slimfast and Atkins Shakes.  Over the years I’ve tried some of these little fads such as these shakes and Special K bars, protein bars, etc.  The point was always to fill up and be healthy without consuming 800 calories of wheat pancakes or slamming six donuts down with my morning coffee.

The problem with most of these things is that they’re either loaded with sugars or artificial ingredients.

My wife got me interested in Shakeology, but only after much skeptical hrumph-snortling over the entire thing on my part.  It costs how much?!  And they want you to buy an at-home workout DVD?  Like Billy Frikkin’ Blanks?  How many of those DVD’s of Billy’s are collecting dust?  Let’s pull out ‘ol BB first before we go buying any new drink coasters.


That’s Shaun T. He is gonna work your glutes over 10 different DVD’s!

So in we went.  A bag of chocolate Shakeology was delivered along with Shaun T’s “T25” workout DVD set.  Shaun T looks ripped, so I guess that’s how I’m supposed to look once I’m done with this program.  Okay Shaun T, whoever you are, let’s see whatchoo got!  (Needless to say, after just 3 weeks of the DVD cycle, I’m already mocking Shaun T as I hear him say the same things over and over.  FLEX those glutes. FEEL IT.  You GOT this!).

Back to Shakeology.  I’m big on ingredients.  If I buy anything new at the grocery store, I spend time reading everything that’s in it.  Shakeology definitely sets itself apart from everything else out there simply by its ingredient list.  There’s a reason it’s so expensive:  BeachBody (the makers of Shakeyohipsology) managed to cram every single type of super-food out there into one bag of tasty powder.  There’s no artificial chemicals, preservatives, and only 6g of sugar (a non-GMO fructose/stevia blend, of course!).  Its got Acai, Goji Beri, Camu Camu, Flax, Quinoa, Blueberry, Barley Grass, you name it…hell, they even threw in some Himalayan Salt just to show off how awesome their ingredient list is.  Check it out for yourself.


Shakeology, PB, and a small blender is all ya need!

I’ve tried nothing but the chocolate so far because I love it.  I basically drink the same thing every morning:  1 scoop shakeology, water, ice, peanut butter…sometimes adding strawberries, vanilla extract, banana, etc.  It’s so damn good I really don’t care to try much else.  This one shake fills me up until lunch and gives me plenty of energy.  My hair feels pretty damn smooth too.  I heard the flax does that.  Or is it the rose hips?  Did they really go to the Himalayans for that salt??

They give you shake recipes that are all very simple, and rarely require more than 3 ingredients (other than the shake powder itself).  A small blender is perfect for these recipes.  I use a $15 Hamilton Beach blender that is very easy to clean and use.  I made a no-bake cookie recipe tonight that was just the choc powder, peanut butter, oats, and stevia (they asked for raw honey, but I said aw hell nah!) and they’re great too.  Thankfully none of these recipes take much time or energy.

As a side note, I’m not following the dietary plan they give you.  I’m still adhering to the high (good) fat/low carb diet.

I’ve done Shakeology for about 6 weeks now and highly recommend it.  The shakes definitely make me feel healthy and with 17g of protein per scoop (plus another 8-16g with the peanut butter), I’m consuming the equivalent of a 1/3 lb. hamburger’s worth of protein in the morning.  I’m definitely not hungry until lunch.  Bottom line is, if you want to get healthy and use a meal replacement, spend the money on Shakeology.  There’s a reason shakes like Slimfast are cheap.  If you’re serious about getting healthy and are looking for a good meal replacement, this is a great start to your day.  A 30 day supply of Shakeology is $129 if you don’t use any discounts.  That comes out to $4.30/day.  It’s not that much if you factor this cost as part of your normal food budget, considering you’re replacing one meal a day (which probably cost you at least $4 anyway).

Now, back to Shaun T’s “Flex Your Glute” DVD set aka “T25”.  Look, I’ve done the gym.  I’ve done the at-home DVD’s.  I’ve done Kettlebell (which still ranks as my best “get in shape” program).  So what does T25 have to offer besides tight glutes?  (You GOT this!)  I actually love the T25 program for three very specific reasons:  each DVD is only 25 minutes, those 25 minutes are intense, and there are 10 DVD’s spread through two phases of the 10 week program to mix things up and progress your fitness level.

shauntI’ve got a family, a full time job+, and I write novels in what free time I have.  So 25 minutes is the most I’ll realistically give to any kind of exercise program right now.  Those 25 minutes are intense, sweat-soaked experiences.  They work.  Color me impressed.  I can’t stress how important the 25 minute time frame is.  It really helps get me inspired to just do it because I know it’ll be over soon.  I’ve done the exercises in the morning and at night, that’s how convenient they are.


T25 Progress Poster. NAILED IT.

I’m starting Week 4 on Mon June 2nd.  Once I finished Week 5, I go from the Alpha DVD’s to the Beta which is a new set of DVD’s that amps up the exercises.  I’m taking before and after photos along the way, and will post a mid-point review at the end of Week 5 (3 photos will consist of the before starting Week 1 (the sad photo), end of Week 3, and end of Week 5.  I’ll then do two more with the final being at the end of Week 10.  Hopefully my washboard abs will be showing through by then.  I’ll make sure to oil them up so they glisten.

If you’re interested in Shakeology or T25, let me know!  If you’re already doing either, what has been your experience so far?